Getting Rid of Fleas Water

On this occasion I had a very interesting information on about, the discussion this time we will discuss about the water fleas. Water fleas are skin irritation leg, where we will feel the itch on the skin feet, usually the skin of the affected feet of water fleas is located between the toes. Water fleas attack the skin feet because feet are often in damp foot conditions, in addition to the condition of the foot that is not kept clean can also be a cause. Itching in the legs due to water fleas so make us uncomfortable at all, so that the necessary treatment so that we again feel comfortable. The fix, you can learn tips Getting Rid of Fleas Air that I have outlined specifically for you.

Getting Rid of Fleas Water

In addressing water fleas you can use the ointment that many are sold in pharmacies. However, the way that I will give below is different. Not ointments or drug also made from chemicals, but natural ingredients are very safe and do not cause side effects. So you do not wait any longer, see discussion below.

Eliminate the following tips in Natural Water Fleas. 

1. CassavaIn the first way we will use cassava, tuber crops that contain carbohydrates can overcome skin problems such as water fleas. We can use the grated cassava in the paste on the affected skin water fleas, once we wait until the glue dried cassava, only then wash your feet. This way we can do every day to water fleas disappeared.

2. GarlicWell, the herb that is rich in efficacy for skin problems not least the water fleas. We can apply that have been sliced ​​garlic or garlic paste that has been finely crushed in water fleas. This way we can do every day to water fleas disappeared.

3. Tea BagsDrinking tea bag made us feel very relaxed. But, do you know that the teabag can overcome water fleas? Yes, it is true at all. Teabag can overcome water fleas in the skin of the foot, the way we heat 1.6 liters of water to a boil and then enter the 6 tea bags and wait until the water becomes cold, then we soak feet for 30 minutes. Tannic acid in tea can destroy the fungus and itching as a result of water fleas.

4. SaltsWell, the last way which I will share it will use salt. The way we soak the foot in warm water in the mix with salt. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes every 1 week.

That is perhaps a few tips that I gave in overcoming water fleas. In conclusion I would like to thank you for reading Getting Rid of Fleas Water. Hopefully the above tips you can resolve them quickly and get back to have beautiful skin smooth and free of mildew.

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