Adverse Impact Stress Against Human Brain

Although no exact data on the relationship of stress and health, but many health experts to make sure that there is good correlation was between the short and long term stress to one's health.

Dampak Buruk Stres Terhadap Otak Manusia

Stress is a normal symptom that is often experienced by most people, but if the level is excessive it will have a negative impact on health. Symptoms such as headaches, mood becomes sensitive, rapid burst which may then develop an advanced demama or even on terparahnya turn can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Then the question is, where the relationship of stress to brain development? This is the mechanism.

When a person experiences stress, the body releases a hormone called cortisol. These hormones will be bad for the brain's hippocampus, which can reduce the size of the brain, killing sesl nerve cells in the brain-and inhibit the regeneration of new cells. Which will decrease the brain's ability to perceive or control of immune substances in the body.

Any Adverse Impact Stress For Brain Growth , Here's How To Latest reviewing them below:

Debilitating 1.Stres Memory

The increase in glucocorticoid levels caused by prolonged stress will berepngaruh the weakening of one's memory. Excess of that due to nerve endings that older feel the nerve cells of the brain that is new.

2.Stres Causes Brain Shrinkage

Excess stress will result in the composition of the brain become smaller, this condition is common in victims of violence or trauma.

3.Stres More Pinched Nerve Probably Making

As a result of other stress that can make brain nerve cells sandwiched together, if it happens then the blood flow, nutrients and oxygen will be hampered.

Maybe that's a bit of my discussion on the Adverse Effects Of Human Brain Stress hopefully this post can be helpful and useful for you all. Final word I say thank you and see you in the next post. Send Regards For Success !!!

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